How to Choose the Right Branch for your Engineering Degree?

Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical or something else? Choosing the right engineering branch is quite tricky for both students and their parents. Most of the engineering aspirants go through the same dilemma after passing different entrance exams. Taking a career decision is relatively easier for arts, commerce and medical students as options are limited, but in engineering, a lot of thought goes into selecting the right branch.

While making this crucial decision, most students go by the job prospects, ignoring interest and aptitude aspect. Apart from the most popular engineering branches like Mechanical, Computer Science, Civil, Information Technology and Electrical, there are several other branches like Biotechnology, Chemical, Aeronautical, Instrumentation, Industrial and Marine, etc. which also offer good scopes to students.

Here are a few things which every student should consider while choosing an engineering branch:

Stick to your interest

Many students are forced by either parents or peers to choose a particular branch of engineering considering its future scope. Such students should understand the fact that the future scope would be helpful only when they have the desired aptitude to work in that particular field. Every branch of engineering brings out a fair set of opportunities, which are unique and interesting. However, if you choose a branch only keeping the job prospects in view, irrespective of your capabilities and interest, it might not work for you.

Keep in mind your future plans

Look beyond the four years of graduation while choosing your branch. It is highly important to consider your future plans while taking such decisions. After completing their Bachelor’s degree, a number of students opt for further higher studies. Therefore, decide if you want to opt for higher studies after completing graduations, before choosing a particular branch. Students having an interest in the field of research must select a branch that offers great research scope.

Look for career opportunities

If you have set your mind to do a job after achieving your bachelor's degree rather than pursuing higher studies, it's better to go for a branch that offers you great job opportunities and a scope for growth in your career. If you look for a good position in the government or public sector, prefer a major branch like mechanical or civil, which willgive you a great scope of working in public sector companies.

Attend all your counselling rounds

It is essential for all engineering aspirants to attend all the counselling sessions provided to them before selecting their branch. There will be sessions in which you will not be selected for your preferred branch and college. But that's ok! Attend all the counselling rounds until you get your preferred branch in your desired college.

Take ground visits

Try to have field trips before selecting an engineering branch. You must visit the workplaces or offices or industrial sites related to your desired branch. For example, if you are interested in chemical engineering, then you are recommended to visit a production unit of the chemical industry. Field trips can help you learn and understand the working environment and patterns in which you have to work in future.

Here are some interesting non-core engineering branches in which, you can also have a great career:

Environmental Engineering

This branch of engineering specializes in finding solutions to environmental problems. As an environmental engineer, your role will be to help companies frame policies complying with environmental laws.

Nuclear Engineering

Apart from building secure nuclear reactor cores, Nuclear Engineers have great job opportunities in the healthcare industry.

Material Engineering

This branch deals with understanding the characteristics of materials and their components at the atomic level and developing innovative materials for producing sustainable products.

Chemical Engineering

This field involves the study of Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Engineering Sciences.

Every branch of engineering offers you good career opportunities, you just need to choose the one which you are interested in. It is equally important to select the right engineering college to pursue the education. The college must have advanced faculties and good placement records.

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