All you need to know about a career in Indian Army post Engineering Graduations

Engineers are not only restricted to private job sectors. While many pursue to grab lucrative jobs with high package salary across private sectors, many are determined to serve the nation. It is indeed a proud feeling to join the Indian Army and contribute towards the benefits of the motherland. In recent times, there is a rigorous hike in the number of Engineers who are seeking to join the Indian Army as Commissioned Officers after completing graduations.

Indian Army is the third-largest war-force in the world and consists of over one million well-trained and well-equipped soldiers. Apart from defending the nation's frontiers, an army also looks towards internal security and consists of numerous branches providing various services. Moreover, the Indian Army has a distinguished history of serving in the United Nations peacekeeping operations.

Indian Army can be joined soon after completing 10+2 exams, however, many engineering students aim at joining the Army after the completing of B.Tech.

Here are three distinct ways for Engineering graduates to enter Indian Army as Commissioned Officers -

  • University Entry Scheme (UES) -Engineers with age between 19 to 25 years (with reference to the first day of the month in which the training begins), who are in their pre-final year of graduations can appear for the entrance examination while they are still in their College. After clearing the entrance exam and Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview, they will get the training from the Indian Military Academy (IMA) and then join the Indian Army.
  • Technical Graduate Course (TGC) -Engineers between and 27 years (with reference to the first day of the month in which the training begins) can apply for the exam. Post selection they will be provided training at IMA.
  • Short Service Commission (SS) Technical Entry -Engineers between 20 to 27 years (with reference to the first day of the month on which training will begin) can opt for this exam. It is one of the most popular entry exams among the Engineers as they get the opportunity to pick up the length of their employment with the Army. The selected candidate has to serve as a Commissioned Officer for 10 years (maximum 14 years) and then one can decide to opt-out of it or stay back. Post the selection, the Engineer faces the SSB Interview and if selected trains at Officers Training Academy (OTA) and then join the Indian Army.

Joining the Indian Army is one of the most prestigious and respected career choices one can ever have. Here are the 6 reasons to join the Indian Army -

  • With a personal satisfaction and pride of serving the nation, one also gets to pursue Higher Education post-retirement.
  • An Army Personnel experiences various challenges and learns a lot about devotion sacrifice, honour and prestige.
  • In the current economic scenario, it is one of the best jobs because it has job security and a salary of a Lieutenant is approximately Rs. 65000/- per month after sixth pay commission, which is quite lucrative.
  • The Army Officers also get additional allowances like flying pay, high altitude allowance, sailing allowance, etc.
  • Post-retirement, the army-gets pension throughout his life.
  • The Army Officer is rewarded with facilities for his family members like free schooling to children, free medical facilities to dependents, Canteen facilities, loan facilities, excellent accommodation, free air tickets for himself/herself and all the family anywhere in India once in a year.

So, if one wants a challenging career and to serve the nation, then joining the army is indeed the best option.

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